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Koyorad Offers the best in Quality and Fitment

Koyorad leads the radiator industry in quality, performance, fitment, and extensive list of vehicle applications. Our quality begins with the careful testing in our R&D department, then to the manufacturing in Koyorad’s privately owned ISO 9001 certified factories, and finally to our class leading packaging. This process assures that each Koyorad OE aftermarket replacement radiator arrives safely and performs perfectly in the hands of the shop and end user. Our engineers carefully design our radiators offering a true plug and play installation: No drilling, cutting, relocating, or stretching to get our radiators to fit properly. When you buy a Koyorad radiator, you will receive a component that has been engineered to the highest standards.

Koyorad Saves Installers Time and Money

Do you value your time? Koyorad does! When installing radiators of lesser quality, consider the potential increase in defect rate and the overall impact this may have on your business. Aside from the cost of replacing defective radiators and absorbing these additional labor costs, how much will it take to restore your customer’s trust? This wasted time and money may very well have been spent maintaining and seeking brand new business. Koyorad radiators are renowned for the best in quality and fit and finish meeting or exceeding OE standards, resulting in the highest rate of reliability and overall savings in the marketplace. Buying a Koyorad Radiator ensures your business’s success and longevity. You cannot buy, sell, install or own a better radiator.

Multi-fit Combination Radiators

Koyorad not only saves you time and money, but valuable warehouse space as well. Because Koyorad manufactures our own radiators in our privately owned factories, we have the ability to react quickly to market changes. Our Engineering Department continuously seeks to make radiator consolidations by upgrading existing radiators and enabling them to fit additional model years and applications. Koyorad combines multiple radiators into one, reducing warehouse storage space which allows our customers to stock additional applications. More vehicle coverage and compatibility will result in increased sales.



Brass Tank / Copper Core Radiator

Koyorad offers a wider range of brass tank and copper core radiators for Japanese applications than any other supplier. The first class quality and competitive cost puts you in a better position to service your market.

Plastic Tank / Aluminum Core Radiator

Our radiators are also available in plastic tank and aluminum core. Our Nocolok brazing line keeps the highest quality standards, bringing you superior products you can rely on.



All Aluminum Radiator (OE)

Koyorad offers the highest quality OE replacement all aluminum radiators for vehicles such as Toyota Prius, Lexus RX, and Toyota Sienna. Koyorad has the technical know-how and experience to manufacture the highest quality replacements to get the job done the first time.

All Aluminum Radiator (Racing)

With over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of OE replacement radiators, it was only natural that we develop a lightweight, high performance radiator line.  We are proud to offer our all aluminum performance radiators designed as a true drop in installation for select vehicles, utilizing the factory equipped fan shrouds without any modifications necessary.  See our Koyorad Racing Radiator website for more details.

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