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KOYORAD Co., Ltd. [Japanese Market]: December, 1959
KOYORAD Sales Co., Ltd. (Japanese Market): Aug, 1977


The head office of KOYORAD Co., Ltd/ (KR) is located in Nagoya City. KR has three factories and six sales branches in Japan. Year 2016 was the 60th anniversary for KR after having served the best quality radiator in this market.

Products : OE Aftermarket Replacement Radiators (Aluminum, Copper & Brass), Condensers, Heater Cores, Heliarc Welded All Aluminum Radiators, Intercoolers, and Oil Coolers.

1-19-9 Heiwa, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Japan 460-0021
Tel :+81-52-322-5265
Fax :+81-52-331-0591
E-mail :

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Koyorad Cooling Systems, INC. [North & South American Market]

As Koyorad's first overseas sales function, Koyorad Cooling Systems, Inc.(KCS) has fully contributed to its distribution in the biggest market of the world. Based in California and New Jersey, serving all the customers from North to South America.

·Established : April, 2000
·Business : Importing, exporting and national distribution of automotive radiators and heat exchange products


  Irvine Office:
  15 Doppler
  Irvine, CA 92618 U.S.A.

  Tel :(949) 727-7054
  Fax :(949) 727-7445

  E-mail :

  East Coast Contact:
  Tel :(201) 896-6676
  Fax :(201) 896-6650

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Koyorad International Operations PTE LTD [Non American, Non Japanese Market]
Having newly established in Singapore, where is a hub to the world, Koyorad International Operations Pte Ltd (KIO) is dedicated in providing high quality service and radiators worldwide. As a sales representative office, we provide service and attend to the needs for all customers throughout the globe. Ensuring the good sales service rendered, we continue to do our utmost best to service all our customers. Feel free to contact us, all enquiries are welcome.

·Established : December 2004
·Business: Sales Office for distribution of radiators and condensers worldwide.
·Market Coverage: Europe, Australia, Asia, The Middle East, Africa

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  8 Temasek Boulevard #40-03
  Suntec City Tower3
  Singapore 038988

  Tel :+65-6235-2003
  Fax :+65-6235-3207
  E-mail :

Koyorad International Operations PTE LTD (Netherlands)
Sales office and Warehouse


KIO Netherlands has contributed to fulfill the demands from the customers in Europe which would like to locally source Koyorad products in a timely manner, as well as to directly source from our own factories, as a branch of KIO, and has achieved the prompter marketing research and stronger relationship with customers in Europe.


Established: July 2010

Business: Importing, exporting and national distribution of automotive radiators, condensers and heat exchange products
Market: Europe


Koyorad Heat Exchange (Suzhou) Co., LTD. [China]
Koyorad China factory commenced operations at the end of 2006 and is producing only Koyorad OE Aftermarket Radiators with about 200 employees. Aside from current production for export business, our China factory started sale activity to Chinese domestic market since 2008. Furthermore, construction of the new R&D facility soon to be completed which is dedicated for product designing and plates tooling at the initial stage. Our Chinese factory is to play a key role in production, product development, and to act as a platform for Chinese domestic market sales.

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·Established : February 2005
·Land Size : 49,998 m2
·Factory Size : 25,577 m2
·Manpower Compliment: 400+
·Products : OE Aftermarket Replacement Radiators, Radiators, Condensers, Intercoolers
(Aluminum Products only)
·Exported to: USA, Japan, Europe and Oceania
·ISO 9001:2015 Certified

For more information, Visit

Xing Pu Rd 211
Suzhou Industrial Park
Suzhou, Jiangsu-Prov. China 215126

PT. Koyorad Jaya Indonesia [Indonesia]

Koyorad's first overseas factory took a key role in Koyorad’s success in global markets. Owing to enthusiastic, highly productive, and quality oriented workforce, the Koyorad Indonesia factory is producing Koyorad OE Aftermarket Radiators and is the only factory producing Koyorad All Aluminum Racing radiators with approximately 1,200 employees.  Koyorad brand is now recognized as a World Class High Quality brand around the globe.

·Established : January 1994
·Land Size : 34,550 m2
·Factory Size : 18,339 m2
·Manpower Compliment: 600+
·Products : OE Aftermarket Replacement Radiators (Aluminum, Copper & Brass) and Heliarc Welded All Aluminum Racing Radiators
·Export to : Japan, U.S.A., Europe, Oceania, China, South-East Asia, Middle East, and Africa.
·ISO 9001:2015 Certified

/ / /
MM2100 Industrial Town
JL.LOMBOK Block N3-7
Cikarang Barat, Bekasi,
Jawa Barat 17520, Indonesia

Tel :(62-21) 8980044
Fax :(62-21) 8980042-8980445


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